Halifax ScapeYesterday my adventure to study abroad has just begun. I now stay in a hostel in Halifax. But first things first, I’ll start at the take off. By the way, as you may have already noticed, I decided to make that entry in English langugage. Perhaps I’ll do the same to my other articles which tell about my experiences here in Canada, but we’ll see.So, after my plane finally took off (it was 3 hours late) it made a stopover in Shannon, Ireland. That was because the plane which should bring us to Halifax originary has had a technical fault. So that one had to be replaced by another one which was even smaller and so had to be refueled before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. When we arrived in Halifax a first had to talk to a border security officer and tell him what I want to do here. He found it ambitious to do my trip to St. John’s by bus and not by another flight. When I got into the first bus to the city I did notice that I definitely have too much luggage – I could hardly hold it on my back.

Halifax HäuserToday I made my first walks through the city. I’ve had a look at the port, the station and the business quarter. But also I wanted to see how people live here in the capital of Nova Scotia. And they do in a beautiful way. Many of the houses are made of wood and each painted in a different color. They’re pretty similar to them I saw in Sweden a few years ago.

Dutch churchThe people here are very friendly. Some we’re speaking to me on the streets even if they never ever saw me before. For example a woman showed me the bus station by walking the whole distance with me. She told me about the many Germans which have come to Nova Scotia and built up their new lifes here. Further she continued that Germans are very popular here and I should necessarily don’t forget to mention where I originary come from. One of the relicts which are evidence for the Germans here in Halifax is a little church, called „Dutch Church“. But the locals know that there are no Dutchmen meant with this expression – it’s only another version of the word „Deutsch“.

Well, I will stay here in Halifax two more nights as far as I know right now. Whereas today the weather wasn’t that great in the morning I hope for sunshine in the next days so that I will get the chance to grab some nice photos. I will then travel directly to North Sydney and go on the ferry, without staying a night there.

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  1. Hättest mal nen bisschen mehr gefuttert und trainiert, dann hättest jetzt keine Probleme mit deinem „luggage“ 😉

    Schön zu hören, dass du gut angekommen bist. Bin gespannt auf deine Fotos.

    Grüße Jack

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