Cloud-Based NAS Data Handling and Backup Solution

Over the years, I was constantly improving my way to handle and backup data. During the end of last year, I was thinking of an architecture that suits best to my current needs and demands in terms of:

  • security of data: it shouldn’t be too easy to hack my storage
  • easy backups of my data: I don’t want to manually backup my data anymore
  • availability of data: I want to be able to access my data even if  my local internet doesn’t work or there is a local power failure
  • accessibility of data: I want to access my data from everywhere and with reasonable access time
  • reasonable costs of the solution: since I’m not running a business but I’m rather a private person hosting private and mostly non-sensitive data, the solution should fit to the budget of a private person as well
  • sustainability of the solution: I want the storage solution I use to be scalable, so it can grow with my data
  • compatibility of the solution: I want to use standard components in my solution wherever possible to make sure the solution is compatible to most devices and services I use

In this post I want to introduce what I came up with.

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The Difference between Heaven and Hell

In heaven the cooks are French, the policemen are English, the lovers are Italian, the mechanics are Swiss, and the whole thing is organized by Germans.

In hell, the cooks are English, the policemen are Germans, the lovers are Swiss, the mechanics are French, and the whole thing is organized by Italians.

— Joke from European folklore

Efectos secundarios

Some time ago I watched a movie (Efectos secundarios, 2006) recommended by a Mexican friend of mine; it was on Spanish and I watched it with English subtitles. So I didn’t get the whole movie I guess 🙂 But at least I got the end. The movie was about to find the real love and friendships which last forever. Even if they are between men and women. I want to quote some of the last lines I read in the subtitles now, because I really liked them. Read them, if you ever feel bad, I’m sure it well help. Efectos secundarios weiterlesen

Living on an island

My stay on Newfoundland is the first time that really makes me feel to live on an big island. In fact, we also have a very big island in Europe (GB) but it is still different. At least I didn’t feel that kind of dependend on other vehicles like ships or planes to get off the country when I was there. Here it is definitely the only possibility to leave the island, to take a ferry or a plane which takes you somewhere else. Further here is only one big city on Newfoundland (which is St. John’s) – all other places where people live are towns or villages. If you just drive outside St. John’s for 1 or 2 hours and leave the Trans Canada Highway, you will soon find yourself in empty nature. Living on an island weiterlesen

St. John’s, NL, CA

St. John’s from Signal HillI finally made it: I arrived at St. John’s, my actual final destination to study, live and experience the upcoming weeks and months. There were both, strange and happy feelings, when I saw all these lights appearing in the fog, after another eight hour bus ride (of course the bus broke down again – it was the same bus company which I already booked to get to Deer Lake). I won’t give you a more detailed description of the bus ride – if you’re interested in knowing more about it, just read my entries before; it’s all about the same: spaces, emptiness and very few people! But obviously St. John’s would be different. St. John’s, NL, CA weiterlesen


Nova Scotia 1Again and again I’m very lucky all within my trip! The weather always turns to good, though it was even raining before, my luggage always finds its place (and space!) and up to now I could match every step on my trip all-in time. When I wanted to say Goodbye to the staff of my hostel luck was again on my side: My friend Tony just had some things to handle in the city, so he brought me to the train station. I was very happy about that because Halifax passed me the same as it met me once: with rain. Spaces weiterlesen

Living in a hostel

Halifax Backpackers HostelEven though I was staying in hostels quite a few times for now, it’s somehow new to me every time I go there again. Here in Halifax I’m staying in a hostel pretty near to the downtown. Like many hostels it is cheap, people are nice and completely uncomplicated and the atmosphere is open but there’s a kind of chaos all around 😉 Living in a hostel weiterlesen


TonyAs I already told you in my last entry, the people here in Halifax (and probably in whole Nova Scotia) are very, very friendly. It’s really amazing. Everyday there are people talking to me: concerning my DSLR camera, my rain jacket or just asking how it’s goin‘. „How are you doing?“ is just normal here to say if you meet anyone, doesn’t matter if you know him or not. One of those nice guys I met is Tony. I met him here at my hostel where we were then talking about his way of living here in Halifax, where he comes from. The story of his life fascinated me that much so I decided to tell you about him in a seperate entry. Tony weiterlesen