Living in a hostel

Halifax Backpackers HostelEven though I was staying in hostels quite a few times for now, it’s somehow new to me every time I go there again. Here in Halifax I’m staying in a hostel pretty near to the downtown. Like many hostels it is cheap, people are nice and completely uncomplicated and the atmosphere is open but there’s a kind of chaos all around 😉

The hostel belongs to a girl called Michelle. She has got a son, aged about five or six years I guess. Anyhow she’s doing her business here very fine. It seems like she’s used to have some stress all day. She also has some guys here working for her. Sometimes I ask myself how she can feed herself, her son and those employees only by running this hostel, but it seems to work. Perhaps she’s gaining that much extra money by selling coffee and food to pedestrians coming by.

Right now I’m just about to go to the bus station to get my bus to North Sydney. Up to now I don’t have any accommodation in Newfoundland for the next two days. I don’t even know where exactly to go to. Actually I wanted to stay in Port-Aux-Basques one day. That’s the town I arrive at by ferry. But now I plan to directly take the bus to Deer Lake, a town near Gros Morne National Park which I definitely want to visit a few days. I hope I’ll find a place to stay there. But first I have to get all my luggage there 😀

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