Efectos secundarios

Some time ago I watched a movie (Efectos secundarios, 2006) recommended by a Mexican friend of mine; it was on Spanish and I watched it with English subtitles. So I didn’t get the whole movie I guess 🙂 But at least I got the end. The movie was about to find the real love and friendships which last forever. Even if they are between men and women. I want to quote some of the last lines I read in the subtitles now, because I really liked them. Read them, if you ever feel bad, I’m sure it well help.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter if you die once or twice. Or never. You’re always starting over. Essentially there isn’t nothing else to do, you’re always starting over. Because you’re only young once. But immature forever. […]

Make a list of everything you don’t like about yourself. Then through it away, you are who you are. After all, it’s not as bad as it seems when you have a hangover. Get rid of the extra baggage. It’s a long trip.

Kiss as many people as you can. Allow your heart to be broken. Fall in love, break down, and get back on your feet. Maybe there is a true love, maybe there isn’t. But while you look for it take whatever you can.

Make mistakes, change, try, fail, reinvent yourself… send everything to hell and begin from scratch every time you have to. Really. Nothing happens. Specially if you do nothing.

Try a new ice cream flavor. A new beer, a new toothpaste. Get in the car one day and don’t stop until you’re out of gas. Start a rock band, take dancing lessons, learn Italian, invent yourself a new name, ride a bicycle, forgive. Forget. Let go.

Decide who’s truly necessary. Because the older you are, the harder it will be to make real friends and the more you’re going to need someone who knows who you are… without the full explanation. Those are true friends. Take care of them and keep them close to you.

Learn that you won’t learn anything. But in this school there are no finals, no grades, no graduation and no high school reunion, thank God! […]

Welcome to the rest of your life!

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